31 Mar 2009

Is that believable ?

Younger becomes a father to the youngest

They are still children, how can they make such a mistake like this?.

Alfie Patten 13 years old and Chantelle Steadman 15 years old become the youngest family in the world. They even don't know how will they face the new world with a child ?.

They decided to abort, when they discovered that Chantelle was pregnant after they had a single night of unprotected sex.

The funniest thing was about the financially cope they have been asked, Alfie replied, bemused, "What's financially?"

Innocent Eyes

Alfie Patten, Chantelle Steadman and the baby Maisie Roxanne

Chantelle Steadman with her mother

Father kindness

Caring with the baby in the hospital

Little family and PlayStation

30 Mar 2009

Barack Obama's twin in Philippines

How Similar He Is !!!!

29 Mar 2009

The most sophisticated

We have heard before about tea and hot drinks vending machines and they become very famous all over the world , but in Japan it's different, most things are being sold now in machines . lets check
Rice Vending Machine

Baby toys Machine

Batteries Machine

Cameras Equipments Machine

Eggs Machine

Fishing Equipments Machine

Flower Machine

Ice Machine

Spaghetti Machine

Newspaper Machine

Umbrellas Machine

Coca cola Machine